Bet You Didn’t Notice – 5. My Fan Theories about Wren from Lady Midnight

So, when I was flicking through Lady Midnight looking for quotes, I came across this one, which made me stop in my tracks.

“Kit noticed an odd drawing on the back of her hand, a symbol like lines of water running underneath a flame”
Lady Midnight, Cassandra Clare

This I found odd. Lines of water running underneath a flame……. It sounds a bit like the poem. “First the flame and then the flood”. I think there might be something dodgy about Wren. She played too big a part in the intro not to re-appear. And those doodles on her hand make me suspect she’s not as pleasant as she seems.

I mean, the way she ran away when the Shadowhunters arrives was rather suspicious. And no one knows her real name.

I think maybe she’s gonna come back as someone dodgy, and when she does, I think they’ll be a big betrayal for Kit.

I have literally this second had a thought. Wren is a normal mundane who has been taught magic by an unnamed warlock. What if the unnamed warlock was Malcom????? Then maybe Wren would have some sort of allegiance to him, except now he’s dead, to Annabel Lee????????

I think I’m on to something.

What do you think?

Do you think Wren will re-appear?

Do you think Wren is evil?

Do you think the warlock was Malcom?

And do you think Wren will help Annabel Lee?

I think I may have just cracked something. Cassie- we’re onto you!



Bet You Didn’t Notice – 4. Harry Potter Films Voldemort Nose

We all know that Voldie has no nose in the films. Rose took his nose I suppose. (Gettit? Rose was Harry’s dad, but the random crank in The Maze Runner had his nose taken by someone called Rose).

However not many people notice that Voldemort had a nose in the first movie.

According to my friend Tabby, perhaps Voldemort’s soul has a nose, despite the fact his real self doesn’t.

But I think Warner Bros just decided that that Voldemort wasn’t scary enough and he’d be scarier blue and with no nose. Personally I don’t find smurfs that scary, but Warner Bros obviously had a thing against them.

Also, may I say that in the books, Voldemort had scarlet (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fangirling attack fangirling attack. My iPad just autocorrected scarlet to the name Scarlet (with a capital S) just like Scarlet from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. Now boy is that a good book. You can check out our review for it here (Cinder is the first book by the way) and I seriously recommend reading it as it is amazing) eyes. Where did they go? That could have taken him to a whole new level of scary.


Bet You Didn’t Notice – 3. Taylor Swift Ours TMI Malec Love

I know the title sounds weird and random, but it’s not, trust me.

Ok, so, strictly this shouldn’t really be here, as it’s not really something to notice/not notice, but it’s too good to miss out. If you haven’t read The Mortal Instruments (by Cassandra Clare) then I would advise you read no further. Warning over.

Anyway, Malec definately deserve their own post. As does Taylor Swift. So here it is!

So, I was listening to the Taylor Swift song Ours (if you haven’t heard it, I seriously advise you listen to it- it’s amazing!!!!! You can listen to it here. Seriously listen to it- it’s amazing. One of her best songs. Ever) and I suddenly noticed how if Malec had their own theme song (which they totally deserve) it would be this song. I shall now explain why.

Full credit to Taylor Swift for the awesome lyrics, full credit to me for spotting the link with Malec.

So, the first relevant lyrics goes like this:

“Seems like there’s always someone who disapproves” (Taylor Swift, Ours)

In Malec love, this is just so true. Everyone dissaproves. Everyone. There’s more like this in this verse (“they’ll judge it like the know about me and you” “the jury’s out, but my choice is you”) and all of them make me think of Malec’s troubles. In the chorus there’s also “people through rocks at things that shine” “life makes love look hard” “the stakes are high, the water’s rough” which just add to this. I mean, it’s a total fit, right? I wouldn’t be suprised if it was based on Malec.

The next part fits so well I wanna scream. It’s in verse two.

“Ghosts from your past gonna jump out at me”


I mean, this is exactly Alec’s problem, right? That there are all these “ghosts of Magnus’ past”, all his exes. Poor Alec. But it’s such an amazing fit.

Then there’s the next verse, which is brilliant.

“And it’s not theirs to speculate, if it’s wrong and, your hands are tough but they are where, mine belong in. I’ll fight their doubt and give you faith, with this song for you”

How perfect is that???? I just love this verse. It makes me wanna cry. And it just fits Malec so well.

Now, next comes the part where Tay sings, “and any snide remarks from my father…… will be ignored, coz my heart is yours”. I MEAN THIS IS SO MALEC- ROBERT IS SO DISAPPROVING!!! (The ……. does say “about your tattoos”, but we can’t have it all. Remove that part and it fits so perfectly I probably will cry. This cross of two of my absolute fave fandoms just makes me wanna scream, cry, listen to the song and re read the book all at once. If you don’t get it, imagine your fave singer/band writing a song that fits one of your fave couples from one of your absolute fave books. Now you understand)

Finally, I’m gonna say this quote from the very end. “People throw rocks at things that shine, but they can’t take what’s ours. The stakes are high, the water’s rough, but this love is ours.” I MEAN HOW PERFECT DOES IT GET????? I AM A PUDDLE OF TEARS ON THE FLOOR RIGHT NOW. This is so perfect. From now own Malec’s motto is officially “they can’t take what’s ours”

I just love this song and book so much. I seriously recommend both to everyone. And I love the way they link together, and I hope you do too.

– M

Bet You Didn’t Notice – 2. TMI (and TID) Malec

*spoiler alert*

Now, everyone loves Malec. We have had a few arguments on whether it’s better then Sizzy or not (personally Sizzy forever, but I love Malec too). Anyways, Malec is a great ship. But I doubt you noticed that there are some small Malec references in TID (I did- I take full credit for this thing- it was me who noticed it). Here is a TID quote about Malec that made me want to scream. In fact, it did make me scream. Three times.

“Black hair and blue eyes are my favourite combo.” – Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel, The Infernal Devices

Now, who does this description remind you of? That’s right- Alec!!!!!

This quote is said in The Infernal Devices by Magnus, a few hundred years before Alec was born. Freaky thought. I’ve never thought about that much before. This is before Alec’s parents were born, let alone Alec. Weird. Moving on, this quote is about the glorious Will Herondale (btw, in case you haven’t read the series, Will and Magnus do not get together. Just saying), but definitely is a sneaky Malec reference by Cassandra Clare.

And while I’m on the subject of Malec, here’s one more quote that I found rather amusing:

” “A very magnanimous statement, Gideon,” said Magnus.

“I’m Gabriel.”

Magnus waved a hand. “All Lightwoods look the same to me.”   – Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince, The Infernal Devices

I think you’ll find you disagree with this in a few years Magnus!

(A/N P.S. What does magnanimous actually mean? Please comment and tell me- I’m curious now)

So, I enjoyed these two quotes, and I hope you did too. Please comment and like: it really makes my day!



Bet You Didn’t Notice – 1. TMI First Chapter Character References

*spoilers ahead*

Many people think they are incredibly observant when reading books. So I wonder, how many people spotted these two references in the first chapter? (I must admit that I didn’t- a friend and fellow fangirl pointed them out to me in great excitement- thanks Tabby).

So these two references take place while Simon and Clary are at the Pandemonium Club. The first one is a definite reference, the second one can cause more debate. So here is the first one:

” “I feel,” Simon went on, “that DJ Bat is doing a singularly exceptional job. Don’t you agree?” Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

DJ BAT! For anyone who still hasn’t figured it out, Bat, Maia’s werewolf friend, worked as a DJ, and was DJ Bat!!!!!!! Now, though I much preferred Jordan (RIP JORDAN) to Bat, this is still very exciting, and is definitely Bat.

Now this one is slightly less definite- I believe Cassandra Clare is messing with us, so we’ll never know whether it is or not. Personally, I think that it is Maia, but you might think differently. If it’s not, it’s a pretty big coincidence. So, Clary bumps into a “curvy black girl” who shoots her an evil look. Now, there are many curvy black girls in the world, but given that that’s exactly how Cassandra Clare describes Maia when we meet her, and that if Bat is at Pandemonium, it’s very likely that Maia will be too, and that evil looks are very Maia, I think that must have been Maia that Clary bumped into.

What do you think? Comment and say whether you or not you noticed these, and whether you think the girl is Maia!