Death Note

Death Note follows the story of a highly intelligent teenage boy called Light Yagami, who finds a notebook one day which allows him to kill anyone just by writing their name down. Excited by this idea of being able to become the God of a new world in which no criminals live in, Light starts to kill criminals using just the notebook. He soon becomes known to the world as Kira, and slowly becomes insane with this idea of a world without crime ruled by him. 

However, L, who is an extremely clever and talented detective decides to start a case on finding and defeating Kira, giving Light a difficult obstacle to overcome. 

This anime may sound like any ordinary detective or crime series, but is amazing and very unique, standing out from all other detective and crime anime, or stories in general. I highly recommend Death Note, particularly for those who like thrillers, but it is still an incredible anime for everyone, hooking me on very quick, and I’m not someone who particularly likes crime stories. 

– L (as in Lynette)


Daily Lives of High School Boys

This anime series is exactly what the title says. It’s about the daily lives of typical high school boys. It mainly follows the story of Tadakuni, Yoshitake and Hidenori, who are some boys that love roleplays on the way to school, like telling ‘ghost stories’ which all turn out be extremely lame, like getting up to mischief such as wearing girls’ underwear and clothes, or just fooling around in general. It also shows some other boys from their school (such as those in the student council) and what sort of things they get up to. 

This anime is hilarious and is certain to crack you up at some point. I would definitely recommend if you want a laugh, or just something to cheer you up!

AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Anohana is a sweet anime about friendship. Menma had died a few years ago, and since then, the friendship group she had been in, called the Super Peace Busters, has completely broken apart. Menma comes back as a sort of ghost, and follows one of her old friends Jinta around, but no one else can see her other than him.
The anime revolves around Menma trying to fix the friendship of the Super Peace Busters and getting her wish fulfilled. Menma has one wish, which she keeps secret, and when it is fulfilled, she will rest peacefully. To get her wish fulfilled needs the help from all her friends, however at first a lot of them don’t believe that Menma is actually there as a ghost, after being told by Jinta. 

This is a very touching anime about friends, and starts to get really sad at the end. Overall, it’s a lovely and really delightful anime to watch, but be prepared to cry at the end! 

– L

Baka to Test

  When I first watched it, I wasn’t too fond of the first episode, however later on I got really into the anime and now I desperately wish for more! It’s about a school in which each class is graded from A-F. Class A is luxurious, whereas the tables for Class F are small little tables that break easily. 

Yoshii Akihisa is doing the test which determines which class he’ll be put into. He ends up getting into Class F, with many of his friends, plus one of his crushes, Himeji Mizuki, who is very smart but was ill on the test day. They want to get to a higher class so they can get a better classroom, so they begin a war against Class E. To start a war, they use summoned beings to fight, and their strength depends on how well they did on their last test. They win, due to Mizuki’s smartness, but decide not to get Class E’s classroom (and the reason will be shown later on)
This anime is a rom-com, and the main romance trio consists of the idiot Akihisa, the yandere Mizuki, and another girl named Minami, who is a tsundere.The episodes are either about the class having wars against other classes, or them doing random other things at school or out of school. It’s a very interesting and funny anime, which is bound to put you into a good mood!

– L

Ouran High School Host Club

  You’ve no doubt heard of this rather popular anime. Fujioka Haruhi has joined a new school, Ouran Highschool, in which all the rich people go to, but she is poor and is only there due to getting a scholarship. She’s looking for a place to study, when she stumbles upon a music room and finds the Host Club, a place where girls can go to so that the attractive boys who make up the Host Club can make them happy by talking to them and saying romantic things to please the girls.

Haruhi breaks a very expensive vase there, and the host club demand that she should be their errand boy (because of her boyish appearance, they first deem her to be a male) to repay. With no choice, Haruhi does so. They figure out that Haruhi is a girl in the end, but as they still need her to repay, they dress her up as a male and force her to become part of the Host Club.
This is a romantic comedy anime. Each episode is of the Host Club with Haruhi fooling around, or trying to keep Haruhi’s identity a secret. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a light-hearted and hilarious anime which has some romance in and very interesting characters! 

– L

Angel Beats


 Otonashi Yuzuru has just died and is in the afterlife, which takes place at a high school. He meets a girl called Yuri, and soon joins her in the SSS, an organisation in which they try and defeat a girl named Tenshi. The reason for them fighting her is due to the fact that she is an angel, and a follower of God, and the SSS are mad at God for giving them such awful lives and making them all die.

The SSS go on missions to try and defeat Tenshi, who is unbelievably strong. Other than that, the characters also try and fulfil their dreams, so that they can leave the afterlife and rest peacefully, or become reincarnated as proper people again. Otonashi ends up finding many secrets about Tenshi, and that she may not be who she seems.

This is a very enjoyable anime, as it has very exciting parts and intense parts, such as when they’re trying to defeat Tenshi, but it’s also very funny, and makes you laugh all the time. However, near the end of the anime, it becomes incredibly sad and you will end up in tears. It also has some romance in it too, and beautiful quotes. I highly recommend this hilarious, beautiful, interesting and sad anime. You’ll be wanting so many more episodes after you finish!

– L