A – Z About Me Tag (Lynette)

Hello! It’s Lynette here! So I’m here to do this tag because it looks fun. I think from reading this you’ll get what the tag is, if you haven’t heard of it before.

A – Age: 13. Yes I’m also pretty young, like my friends.

B – Book I’m currently reading: Crown of Midnight, which is part of the Throne of Glass series. I’ve pretty much only started so I don’t know what to think of it yet.

C – Chore you hate: Tidying up? It takes so long and is the most boring thing in the world.

D – Dessert you love: Um. Apple pie. Banoffee pie. Apple strudel. Butterscotch tart. (No I’m not deliberately doing A,B,A,B) Crumble and cream. Cake. Any cake. Especially cream cake. Ice cream. Everything else. I love desserts in general. 

E – Essential start your day item: Duh, phone. I wake up, go on my phone and check all my social media apps and stuff. That’s my favourite way to start the day anyway. 

F – Favourite Author/Book: Honestly I don’t have one. Authors have such different and unique writing styles it’s hard to compare them. Same with books. They’re too different to compare.

G – Gold or Silver: That’s actually kind of hard. I like both, although in the end I think I’m going to go for silver. 

H – Height: About 1.6m – ish, I’m not too sure, I haven’t checked for ages. Keep in mind the fact that I’m 13, so I’m not some tiny 18 year old. I’m pretty much slightly taller than average for my age.

I – Instruments I play: Piano. Viola. I’ve played the drums before but I didn’t like them much, although at the time I thought they would be cool. I’ve played the piano for longest and started viola about a couple years ago.

J – Job title: Student?

K – Kids: 100, and they’re all named after me :). No I’m only 13, I’d be slightly worried if I already had kids.

L – Living arrangements: I live in my family house. 

M – Most overused word/phrase in my vocabulary: For a time being it was ‘if you insist’ but right now I don’t really know. I love saying ‘mkay’ recently though.

N – Nicknames: Linny, or on some occasions, Lyn (although I really only have one friend who sometimes calls me Lyn). Sometimes my friends refer to me as stuff like ‘idiot’ but that’s what friends do, and it’s not really a nickname so I’m not going to take it in a bad way.

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: None.

P – Pet peeve: People jiggling their legs (I’m looking at you, Vibha) and also people who chew loudly in public. They annoy me so much.

Q – Quotes I like: Too many to name.

R – Right or left handed: Right-handed. I’m training myself to become ambidextrous though, although I don’t know if it’s possible to teach myself to be able to use both hands. It would be a lot easier if I could use both hands though. 

S – Siblings: Two brothers. One is older and annoying and hits me a lot, whilst my younger one is a computer-addicted, also annoying, little kid.

T – Time I woke up today: About 9. But that’s because I was going out today, otherwise I probably would have only gotten up at 12pm.

U – Unique thing about me: I wish I could say I have one, but I can’t think of anything that unique about me right now (although I’m not a boring person I promise) Uh maybe because I’m just who I am, as each person is unique in themselves?? (If that makes sense) I’m sorry I can’t think of anything right now. 

V – Vegetable I love: ….. is that even possible to have one?

W – Worst habit: Doing homework in bed. Sitting in bed on my phone in positions really bad for my neck (I have a terrible neck as well.) Procrastinating. 

X – X-Rays I’ve had: Probably a few when I was younger but I can only remember one which was for my neck last year. 

Y – Yummy food I make: EVERYTHING. No I don’t know how to cook much yet, although my family loves my sausage rolls? I tried Danish pastries once but they failed drastically, although they still tasted kinda good.

Z – Zodiac Sign: Virgo. I fit some Virgo descriptions, but I’m not a huge clean freak or someone really serious and stuff which some of them say although I am pretty shy. I don’t think people’s personalities or love lives can be determined by when you were born anyway, but zodiac signs are interesting.
I’m probably meant to tag some people but I honestly don’t know who (I don’t really go looking at other people’s blogs often, sorry) so I’m going to have to leave it, but if you feel like doing this then you can!

– L


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