What’s Nerdfighteria?

The Nerdfighteria fandom isn’t necessarily the most well known fandom out there in the big, wide fandom universe. However, you may already be a Nerdfighter – you just don’t know it.
So the Nerdfighteria fandom is mainly based on:

  • John Green – You’ve probably heard of him. He’s written several romance YA novels, the most well known being The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns, both of which have been adapted into really great films, of which he was producer. Along with those two books that I have mentioned, he wrote the novel An Abundance of Katherines and Looking For Alaska, co-wrote the book Will Grayson, Will Grayson with David Levithan, and Let It Snow with Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. If you haven’t heard of these books….you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past five years. GO! READ THEM NOW! No time shall be wasted. Check out the review for The Fault In Our Stars which Mia wrote.
  • Hank Green – Hank Green, John’s brother, is a great musician. The two brothers love Harry Potter, and are hardcore Potterheads. Hank’s albums Ellen Hardcastle, This Machine Pwns N00bs and So Jokes all contain some amazing songs that every Potterhead should hear. My favourite would definitely be Accio Deathly Hallows and This Isn’t Hogwarts. He also writes other songs which haven’t got anything to do with HP, but they are all really deep songs. My personal favourite would have to be A Song About An Anglerfish.
  • Vlogbrothers – Vlogbrothers is Hank and John’s main Youtube channel. They upload almost four times a week, posting videos about the most random things such as how water and cereal taste, to really meaningful videos providing explanations on what’s going on around the world. Hank and John have also got a charity project called the Project For Awesome, which runs every year. Several people take part in it, including other famous Youtubers which a lot of people would have heard about. They’ve also set up the famous VidCon, which happens every year and is a fan convention for Youtube.

So there you go. I bet most of you have at least read The Fault In Our Stars, or heard of the famous VidCon or Project For Awesome. You would have been so close to entering the wonderful realms of Nerdfighteria…yet so far. So let me tell you some more about this amazingly random fandom, to tempt you into joining us.

  • It’s a really good fandom, which does a lot of charity work to help the world. One of the mottos of Nerdfighteria is to decrease world suck. John and Hank set up a charity, which would host a lot of projects to help a variety of different problems. These problems have been made known through the Project For Awesome, and VidCon. John and Hank also support and promote the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) which is another charity which gathers Potterheads across the world to do some charity work.
  • Nerdfighteria is also really weird. REALLY weird. John aims to make the phrase “French the Llama” a real thing. We’re obsessed with Anglerfishes and Hanklerfishes and Johnglerfishes. It’s amazing. But there’s our main motto, DFTBA. Don’t Forget To Awesome, which has its own amazing hand sign.

So if you are a Potterhead, nerd and/or bookworm – COME JOIN NERDFIGHTERIA! It’s awesome.

– V