Bet You Didn’t Notice – 1. TMI First Chapter Character References

*spoilers ahead*

Many people think they are incredibly observant when reading books. So I wonder, how many people spotted these two references in the first chapter? (I must admit that I didn’t- a friend and fellow fangirl pointed them out to me in great excitement- thanks Tabby).

So these two references take place while Simon and Clary are at the Pandemonium Club. The first one is a definite reference, the second one can cause more debate. So here is the first one:

” “I feel,” Simon went on, “that DJ Bat is doing a singularly exceptional job. Don’t you agree?” Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

DJ BAT! For anyone who still hasn’t figured it out, Bat, Maia’s werewolf friend, worked as a DJ, and was DJ Bat!!!!!!! Now, though I much preferred Jordan (RIP JORDAN) to Bat, this is still very exciting, and is definitely Bat.

Now this one is slightly less definite- I believe Cassandra Clare is messing with us, so we’ll never know whether it is or not. Personally, I think that it is Maia, but you might think differently. If it’s not, it’s a pretty big coincidence. So, Clary bumps into a “curvy black girl” who shoots her an evil look. Now, there are many curvy black girls in the world, but given that that’s exactly how Cassandra Clare describes Maia when we meet her, and that if Bat is at Pandemonium, it’s very likely that Maia will be too, and that evil looks are very Maia, I think that must have been Maia that Clary bumped into.

What do you think? Comment and say whether you or not you noticed these, and whether you think the girl is Maia!



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