Cinder Book Review

Cinder (Book 1 Lunar Chronicles) by Marissa Meyer

Androids, hovers, cyborgs – New Beijing is full of them…along with a deadly pandemic sweeping its lands. Amongst all this chaos is Cinder, a cyborg, who was reluctantly adopted by her controlling stepmother Adri. She is treated like a slave in a house where Adri’s two daughters get it all. Her life is bleak and monotonous – she spends her days working as a mechanic with only the android Iko for company. But one day, the handsome Prince Kai, every girl in the Commonwealth’s dream, arrives at her stall, and her whole life is turned upside down.

Set in a dystopian world, Cinder is an thrilling, dark take on the classic tale Cinderella. This YA dystopian romance is packed with unpredictable plot twists, and is a book for everyone.

This book is the first book of the Lunar Chronicles, a four book series containing (in order) Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and Winter. Each book adds another character to the story, but it follows on from the other ones and keeps the characters it already had. And each character’s story roughly follows one of the fairy tales, with Scarlet following Little Red Riding Hood, Cress following Rapunzel and Winter following Snow White.

We love this book, as it takes a classical fairy tale and turns it into a page-turning adventure, with twists and turns every chapter. This gripping book keeps you hooked, and is definitely one to head to Waterstones for!

-M and V


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