Bet You Didn’t Notice – 4. Harry Potter Films Voldemort Nose

We all know that Voldie has no nose in the films. Rose took his nose I suppose. (Gettit? Rose was Harry’s dad, but the random crank in The Maze Runner had his nose taken by someone called Rose).

However not many people notice that Voldemort had a nose in the first movie.

According to my friend Tabby, perhaps Voldemort’s soul has a nose, despite the fact his real self doesn’t.

But I think Warner Bros just decided that that Voldemort wasn’t scary enough and he’d be scarier blue and with no nose. Personally I don’t find smurfs that scary, but Warner Bros obviously had a thing against them.

Also, may I say that in the books, Voldemort had scarlet (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fangirling attack fangirling attack. My iPad just autocorrected scarlet to the name Scarlet (with a capital S) just like Scarlet from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. Now boy is that a good book. You can check out our review for it here (Cinder is the first book by the way) and I seriously recommend reading it as it is amazing) eyes. Where did they go? That could have taken him to a whole new level of scary.



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