About Us

Hi! Our names are Mia, Lynette and Vibha, and we are all huge fangirls. We’re all in different fandoms so our stuff will be from a huge range of fandoms. Between us, our fandoms include:

Harry Potter (HP), The Mortal Instruments (TMI), Percy Jackson (PJO) or the fandam (it’s a dam Percy Jackson thing you wouldn’t understand) and Heroes of Olympus (HoO), The Maze Runner (TMR) Divergent, The Hunger Games (THG), The Lunar Chronicles, Fangirl (and Carry on and other Rainbow Rowell books (like Eleanor and Park)), The Lunar Chronicles (TLC – and also Stars Above and Fairest), Nerdfighteria (this includes stuff like The Fault In Our Stars (TFIOS), other John Green books and Hank Green), Anime (mainly One Piece, Fairy Tail, Hetalia and Attack on Titan) and Taylor Swift.

These are our main fandoms- we are in others as well, but these are the ones we fangirl over the most. Insult our fandoms at your own risk- we don’t take kindly to haters, and we are happy to supply you with spoilers or insults. πŸ˜›

We all love reading and this website is going to be our way to share our love of books. It sounds cheesy but oh well.

If your looking for a good book to read, why not check out our book reviews. Also, do take a look at our Redbubble shops, and Wattpad page! 

We’re also doing some weekly memes. Together, we participated in When I First Saw You, Top Ten Tuesday, Thursday Quotables and Musing Monday. Also, Mia does Thursday Tracks. Look forward to those every week!

So please, like, comment and follow, and enjoy our website!
-M, L and V

(P.S. We do not take the blame for any spoilers you find while on our website. Be sure you’ve finished the series before reading. If you find a spoiler- we did warn you).


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