TMI vs. TID Tag

Hey guys! Today I’m gonna do a tag I saw on Clockwork Bibliophile‘s blog, called the TMI/TID tag. If you haven’t yet taken a look at Clockwork Bibliophile’s blog, you should – it’s amazing!

The TMI/TID tag was originally created by Samantha’s Books. It’s basically a tag comparing The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices. I love Cassie Clare, she’s one of my favourite authors, and personally, I think that TID is by far the best of her novels, so I’ll probably be a little bit biased in my choices…Anyways, let’s get on with the tag!

Oh, and spoilers for The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices ahead!


Favourite main character: Clary or Tessa?

Definitely Tessa! Tessa was by far better than Clary, I absolutely loved her character! Not sure about you, but I got the feeling that Clary was slightly arrogant and self-centered (which I guess is alright seeing as she did pretty much save the world) but I never got that from Tessa. Plus Tessa is a badass shapeshifting warlock so…

Favourite Herondale: Jace or Will?

This is a super easy question. I might have mentioned it before, I’m not sure, but I HATE Jace. He is just so, so annoying! I genuinely cannot fathom why everybody is obsessed with him…like why!! People want to meet Jace because they’re in love with him. I wanna meet Jace so I can punch him in the face. Okay, I’m not that violent but come on. Anyone else hate Jace? Or is it just me?

Plus Will is awesome, almost as awesome as Jem. He is sassy and sarcastic and just…well, plain amazing. Mia and Lynette have heard me say this lots, but come on, who DOESN’T love Will Herondale? You can’t read The Infernal Devices and not love Will!

Favourite love triangle: Clary/Simon/Jace or Will/Jem/Tessa?

Easy. Looks like TID scores once again – Herongraystairs it is! Will, Jem and Tessa are the cutest and they actually all accept each other loving Tessa (and one another) whereas with Simon, Jace and Clary it was initially just a jealousy war. Will doesn’t mind Jem loving Tessa (well he did, but he was understanding enough) and Jem doesn’t mind Will loving Tessa.

On the topic of ships, shoutout to Malec, the cutest couple in all of Cassie Clare’s books! Malec are OTP goals.

Better villain: Sebastian or the Magister?

At last! Finally something which I can say The Mortal Instruments is better at! Sebastian was so much more evil that the Magister could ever be – the way he planned all his attacks were so, so clever! I mean, you’d’ve have never suspected that Sebastian was initially working for Valentine, what with him loving Clary and living in Idris all his life.

Better army: The Dark Army or the Clockwork Army?

I’m gonna have to say the Dark Army for this one. Both the armies were equally as strong and powerful as the other, but I think the Dark Army were just a little bit more painful to defeat, seeing as they were humans, people’s loved ones converted into dark, morbid creatures by Sebastian. It would’ve been a little more hard for Clary to kill them knowing they didn’t mean to murder, knowing the pain she would cause to their loved ones.

Best first book: City of Bones or Clockwork Angel?

Clockwork Angel without doubt. I finished the book in less then a day, along with the rest of the Infernal Devices series. I remember my mum judging me for reading the book pretty much every second I was free. I liked the City of Bones too, I just think Clockwork Angel had more going on from Book 1, you fell in love with it quicker.

Best female sidekick: Cecily Herondale or Isabelle Lightwood?

I’m going to say Izzy for this one, mainly because we didn’t get to see Cecily all that much, so I don’t know how good a sidekick she’d be. However, if she was in the books more, than I have a feeling I’d pick her over Izzy.

Best setting: The New York Institute or the London Institute?

Well it depends, really. If you mean the book New York Institute, old and classic, then I’d go there, but if you mean the New York Institute we saw in the TV Series, Shadowhunters, modern and hi-tech, then I’d have to say the London Institute. But I hope it doesn’t rain as much in the Victorian times as it does in 2016 London.

Best last book: City of Heavenly Fire or Clockwork Princess?

Clockwork Princess definitely. Like Clockwork Angel I COULD NOT put this book down. I literally sped through it and gahh the epilogue. Don’t even get me started on the pain that epilogue inflicted on me. CoHF was good too, I just think I’m Team TID more than I am Team TMI. 🙂

Better final epilogue: City of Heavenly Fire or Clockwork Princess?

Oh look there’s a whole question dedicated to the epilogue! I didn’t even realise. Well, you know my answer already, the ending of Clockwork Princess was AMAZING. Which means it was the most beautiful part of The Infernal Devices, yet the tears, ugh the tears. Cassandra Clare is one cruel author. Even if Will did die of old age. It was still painful.

I can see Clockwork Princess right next to me on my bookshelf and I’m really tempted to reread the epilogue but I’m not sure if’s just too sad!


Okay so the final results are:

6.5 – 3.5

Looks like TID wins by 2.5 points! Just like I predicted. Like Shannon @ Clockwork Bibliophile said in her post, TID is definitely the superior series. It just had that much more feels in it, you know? But by the angel, I loved doing that tag! It was super fun! ➰

I’m not going to tag anyone specific seeing as I’m not sure who has read Cassie’s books and who hasn’t, so if you want to do this tag please feel free to do so! Just put your link down in the comments, as I’d love to read your post!!

Also – credits to Yukihime-San @ DeviantArt for the cover image!

– V


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