A-Z About Me (Mia)

Now, you’ve probably seen that Vibha has done this tag, and for some reason she decided not to tag me (grrrr Vibha) so instead of arguing I’m going to be the bigger person (despite the fact that she’s like, double my height) and pretend she did tag me and just do it because it looks fun!

A – Age: 12. And Vibha said she was youngπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I’m the same year as her, I’m just a very late birthday.

B – Book I’m currently reading: Well, I’ve literally just finished all my books, so I’m gonna mention The Trials Of Apollo (or LEO VALDEZ’S VICTORY TOUR OF THE WORLD- you’ll get it if you’ve read it) by Rick Riordan, which I’ve just finished and which is amazing!

C – Chore you hate: Can I say chores in general? No? Then making my bed. It really annoys me coz the duvet will never go on straight.

D – Dessert you love: Anything chocolate-yπŸ€“πŸ€“. I am an unhealthy person who likes chocolate too much for her own good.

E – Essential start your day item: Um, a good book? That’s always important. If I don’t start the day with a good read in bed I get cranky, and you don’t wanna see me crankyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

F – Favourite author/book: Hmm, this changes practically every week. At the moment, probably The Mortal Instruments series (and the thousands of add ons) by Cassandra Clare. If it has to be one book, then probably Carry On. I know, Cassandra Clare can be my favourite author, and Carry On can be my favourite book. Sorted.

G – Gold or silver: Hmm, this is an odd question. Um, probably silver? I wear silver more often. Idk……

H – Height: I’m not really sure to be honest. I think I’m about 150cm which is 4 foot 11. I’m quite short. Not ridiculously short, but still pretty short. And don’t I know it.

I – Instruments you play: I play piano and oboe. I used to play recorder because I was too small for the oboe, but when I took up oboe I dropped itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I sing quite a bit too.

J – Job title: Student. And I do voice over things for TV (it’s not as exciting as it sounds- trust me) but mainly I just go to school and try not to fall asleep.

K – Kids: None. Duh. I did say I’m 12πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

L – Living Arrangements: I live with my sister, parents and two dogs.

M – Most overused word/phrase in your vocabulary: I use ‘like’ way too much, and also ‘but anyway’. I start nearly every sentence with ‘but anyway’. It’s weird and really annoying.

N – Nicknames: Um, my friends call me stuff like Vicious Peasant (don’t ask), Mini Villanous Goose (again- don’t ask), Guppy-faced Paperclip (still don’t ask) and Midget (I’m short. Thought the person who calls me that is even shorter than me. Which is quite impressive). My classmates call me MiMi or Mimes (pronounced M-ee-ms in case you were wondering, which you probably weren’t). My dad calls me MooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: I don’t think I’ve stayed overnight. I went a lot when I was young with ear problems, but I don’t think I ever slept over. I’m a healthy child!

P – Pet peeve: Um, I don’t know really. Fake fans probably.

Q – Quotes I Like: OOh, tough one. Hmm. Anything from TMI, TID, TDA, PJO, HOO, TOA etc etc etc. Possibly “Sarcasm is the last resort of the imaginatively bankrupt” from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, because I use that one a lot.

R – Right or left handed: I’m right handed but I’m trying to teach myself to be ambidextrous for piano reasons. At the moment though, that’s not going too well, so, we’ll stick with right handed.

S – Siblings: I have a little sister and wish I didn’t .

T – Time you woke up today: 6ish probably. I know- I am a very unlucky child.

U – Unique thing about you: Something unique about me. Um. I don’t really know to be honest. There’s some personal mush that makes me special that I’m not gonna share so maybe, my height? Or that I have lots of crushes? Does that even count?

V – Vegetable you love: POTATOES POTATOES POTATOES!!!!!!! I absolutely love potatoes, up to the point where it’s a bit weird (can that be my unique thing about me- I have an obsession with potatoes?). Any type of potato and I’m there to steal it off you.

W – Worst habit: My dad gets soooooooo annoyed with my hair fiddling and jiggling. Oh, and my pacing when I’m on the phone. I subconsciously pace round and round the kitchen. Oh and my laugh. My laugh……. Here’s another unique fact about me: I laugh like a maniac, a dolphin, a goose, a seal and a pig rolled into one. Yep, it’s as bad as it sounds. To make matters worse, it’s very loud and I can’t stop it. In fact, two days ago I got sent out of my Latin exam for laughing.

X – X-rays you’ve had: None. Like I said, I’m a healthy child! Oh wait no, not true, I just remembered that I had an X-Ray the first day of half term last year because I went back to my old school and played electric piggie (piggies in the middle but faster) with my old friends and then the ball hit my finger straight on and we thought I had broken it. Luckily I hadn’t, but it still wasn’t a great start to the holiday. Still at A&E waiting 3 hours after you arrived at 10 at night. Great holiday. Also, can I say how boring X-rays are??? It’s actually depressing. I expected at least some flashing lights or something, but I was there waiting for something to happen and it was already over!

Y – Yummy food you make: Ooh, I make cakes a lot. I like cake baking.

Z – Zodiac sign: Oh shoot, I did know this and I’ve forgotten…… CANCER! That was it! (And can I just say that my main celebrity crush is a Taurus, and Taurus and Cancer are great together in relationships, AND OFTEN ARE SOULMATES!!! Yippee! Unfortunately his current girlfriend is also Cancer though *sighs with the pain of shipping him and his girlfriend and also having a crush on him*.) Free cookies (virtual cookies I’m afraid before anyone gets excited) for anyone who can guess who it is! (And no Vibha and Lynette, you two can’t do it coz you know).

I hope you enjoyed that, and please like, comment and follow!!!



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