Thursday Tracks 2/6/16 – #5

Ok, so, yesterday I went back through some of my old Thursday Tracks and I realised something: I promised you guys an extra special many weeks ago, and completely forgot. Problem is, I also promised you (and Vibha) that this week she would be helping. I had a very deep and meaningful Thursday Tracks planned. So, what I’m going to do is I’m going to write an extra long double one for all our wonderful readers!

(A short note: This blog is doing so much better than we expected, and every time I look at the stats I get a (pleasant) shock. Everyone who has read our posts, liked, commented and followed, you’re all amazing and I love you all so much)

So, I’ll start off with what I was trying to do when it deleted. I was going to use the same songs that it came up with but I can’t remember them so I’ll find some new ones.

As I can’t think of a song that I haven’t already used to sum up my week (this will probably happen more and more often- be warned) I’m going to take my playlist on Spotify and hit shuffle play. Then, I’ll take the first 3 songs that come up and choose a favourite. Let’s go!

(Before we start, can I ask if anyone else has been experiencing their Spotify doing weird things when on Shuffle? When I say weird, let me show you what I mean. I’ve been having many laughs over these:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyone else’s Spotify doing that? Or is it just mine…)

So, time for some Spotify shuffle play. Are you ready?

Song 1: Who’s Laughing Now by Jessie J

Song 2: Love Me Like You by Little Mix

Song 3: Kiss Me Kiss Me by 5sos

Ok, so, Who’s Laughing Now is a song that I loved when it came out. My friend and I made countless music videos, dance routines and even entered the chop talent show with it. However, since then I’ve started to lose my love for it a little. I still like it a lot, but there are better songs out there.

Love Me Like You is just 👌. I love that song so much. And the music video ❤️💛💚💙💜! It’s so catchy too!

And Kiss Me Kiss Me is also sooooooo catchy. I think out of all these songs that one is probably my favourite.

I know this was a little random (and shorter than I hoped- I’m going out for dinner now) but I hope you enjoyed it! Please like, comment and follow (and please read the rest of this too!)!!!!!!

Now I wanna look at something more serious. I did a car boot sale the other day, and I got chatting to the little girl at the stall next to me. She (like little kids do) was talking about just completely random subjects. After a while she picked up the cardigan she was sitting on and asked me to guess who’s it was. She told me it wasn’t hers or her mum’s. So I guessed grandma’s, and she said

“No, it’s my aunts. Even though she’s dead apparently. Cancer.”

She pulled a face on the last word, and it just made me really sad that someone young like that had lost someone to cancer, especially as I lost my great aunt (I didn’t really know her well and she was ill for a long time but it was still sad).

And then Vibha was talking about an MCR song (I can’t remember which one) about cancer, and so I decided we should do something serious on cancer. First I’m gonna raise some awareness for a Taylor Swift songs about cancer, and then Vibha can look at her song. This seems kinda pointless, but please, if you’re reading this, do something to help. Whether you buy Taylor Swift’s song (all proceeds go to finding a cure for children’s cancer), donate some money or do something a little hands on, please. Let’s stop cancer together.

So, Taylor Swift’s song is called Ronan. It’s a heartbreaking song based on a true story. There was a little boy called Ronan who developed cancer. His mother kept a blog called Rockstar Ronan about the struggles they were going through, and to raise awareness. Poor Ronan died 3 days before he turned 4.

Taylor read the blog and then wrote this song using quotes from it, to raise awareness. All the proceeds from the song go to finding a cure to children’s cancer.

I listened to the song and read the blog and I’m not ashamed to say that I cried. I cried for the little boy who never got to experience the world. I cried for the parents who never got to see their son grow old. I cried for the little sister born after Ronan died, who is still too young to know what happened to him, and draws pictures for him and asks when she can meet him.

Cancer not only takes the person’s life, it takes their future, and often their family and friend’s happiness with it.

Please, listen to the song and read the blog, and raise awareness and help this worthy cause.

My song is called Cancer by My Chemical Romance. Now I didn’t know what Mia wanted me to do for today’s Thursday Tracks, she just told me to read the draft and I’d know what to do. Coincidentally, my mum signed me up for Race for Life a few days back. For those of you who don’t know, Race for Life is basically a run to raise money for cancer. I’m terrible at running and I’m super unfit, but it’s for a good cause so :).

This is a really old song, and it doesn’t have an official music video, but if you watch the Youtube link above, you’ll see that someone has put together a random commercial to fit the lyrics to the song. The lyrics to the song are really sweet, do listen to it. And although the video is just a commercial, if you look past that you see a little girl with an older brother, who has cancer. His hair has fallen out, so when the girl is left alone, she cuts all her hair off, to give it to her brother. It’s really sweet, because she thinks that by giving him her hair, he will be cured, he will be alright, but it’s not that simple 😦

Thanks for reading! We know that post was slightly depressing, but Thursday Tracks is one of the only opportunities we have to talk about non-bookish related topics on our blog. 🙂



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