Apology + Fairy Tail Chapter 488 Discussion

Hi, Lynette here! So firstly, I missed Thursday Quotables, and I haven’t managed to find any good quotes either recently. Sorry about that.

And next comes my Fairy Tail Chapter 488 Discussion.

So first, Gajeel and Levy became officially canon I guess?


But I’ve thought about it more now and I actually think that Gajeel will most likely come back. After all, everyone thought Gray died that time during the Grand Magic Games Arc right, but then Ultear reversed time. Same with Lucy and probably a few others (but I’ve forgotten now). Mashima doesn’t really kill many characters, with Simon as one of the only people actually dying.

That being said, Fairy Tail is probably drawing to its end, which means deaths can be likely to happen. I’ve never read or watched Rave Master before but I think I’ve heard that it ends sadly, (I may be wrong though) so Mashima wanted to make Fairy Tail a happy series? Well I hope he sticks to that.

And secondly, darn it, Mest! It was meant to be just a negotiation but now look what you’ve done! I never really liked Mest to be honest, and I could never see him as a Fairy Tail member and I still probably won’t be able to.

Also I know it’s a bit late now, considering the fact that she’s already made quite a few appearances in the other chapters, but I love Eileen’s design! She’s probably the most well designed character in the whole series. Oh, I also wonder what relationship she has with Erza. She seems a bit too young to be her mother so maybe they’re sisters? Oh well I hope we can find out soon.

I also want to state that I really want to know what’s going to happen with Zervis (as its my OTP I can’t help but be excited). Cana is currently trying to break Mavis’ body out but what is Mavis actually going to do afterwards? Is she going to fight him or what?

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Okay I’m not sure what else to say now, but I’m excited for the next chapter of FT coming out on Monday! If anyone has any thoughts, please comment!

– L


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