Fairy Tail Chapter 487 Thoughts and Discussions

So from now on I’m going to do a discussion thing about each chapter of Fairy Tail (I’m going to do this with One Piece and Attack On Titan too). I may also just do random predictions and theories too. 

There will be spoilers!!!! Read at your own risk!!

Okay. So firstly. 

Gajeel and Levy have become practically canon?? Gajeel has admitted that he ‘fell’ for Levy, and it’s been obvious that Levy has had a crush on Gajeel all this time, plus she stated she had only come to save him. 

This alone has made any GaLe fangirls really excited, like me! I was spamming my friends about my excitement when I read the chapter.

However, is the ship going to die? From Zervis (one of my OTPS) that has been one of the only ships to actually be canon, there is always a possibility that GaLe will die as well. Maybe, like with Zervis, one of them is going to die. Or maybe both will die. Or maybe they will never get together. Honestly, Mashima, don’t make a ship canon and then kill it right afterwards! 

The next chapter is called ‘The Two of Us Together, Forever and Always.’ I’m sure the next chapter is going to be about Gajeel and Levy again, so maybe they’re going to be completely canon and admit their love for each other?! But then I also think there’s a chance that they may end up in the Underworld together…

Another thing is that, after one of the long-awaited ships has finally become canon, it means Fairy Tail might be ending soon. I’m sure none of us want this to happen, but if GaLe is already pretty much canon, Nalu, Jerza, Gruvia (and other ships) will probably also become canon soon and then it will mean the end is drawing nearer. 

Okay, that’s all I have to say about this chapter! I can’t wait until the next. If you have also read this chapter and have any thoughts on it, please comment! 

– L


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