Bookish Gift Ideas #1

Every book lover loves bookish gifts. No matter what it is, I’m sure said bookworm would love it, if it has some relation to books. However, a problem I have with buying gifts for my (very bookish) best friends is that book merch can often be very expensive. Therefore, I thought I’d compile a list of some bookish gift ideas, to help you give presents to your friend, family member, or who knows, you could even reward yourself!

When I first wrote out his post it was sooo long, that I thought it would probably be best if I split it into different parts. Plus, this way I can always add to it like, 10 months later if I get some more ideas! Anyways, this is Part 1 – mugs, bookmarks and candles! Enjoy!

Mugs – Let’s face it. Mugs are awesome. Who doesn’t love bookish mugs!? I reckon that apart from books themselves, mugs are the next best thing to recieve as a present. Everyone uses mugs, so you don’t have to fear that the present you give will be lying unused and unloved at the back of someone’s cupboard. There’s also some pretty epic mug designs out there – from quotes and phrases, pictures and logos, to morphing colour changing photos – mugs are awesome. Here are a couple of my personal favourites. The links are below.

All The Stories Are True – Redbubble, £9.73 (top left)

So Many Books – Redbubble, £9.73 (bottom right)

Mischief Managed Colour Changing Mug – Etsy, £9.44 (bottom left)

They Are Not Only Books – Etsy, £8.02 (top right)

Scented candles – I’ve seen scented candles everywhere. I’m pretty sure every bibliophile but me has a bookish scented candle. I really want a bookish scented candle, they look awesome! There are so many bookish candles out there, from the scent of Old Books to the scent of Trashy Romance Novels, bookish scented candles are perfect gifts. Not only do they make the room smell heavenly, but they are also great for decorating your shelves, as they look quite attractive. Here are a couple of scented candles I liked – rather than using links for the individual products like I did above for the mugs, I put the link of the overall shop itself, as most of the scented candle sellers have more than one amazing product.

Old Books Scent – Frostbeard Studios, around £12.50 – yeah, slightly more expensive than other candles, but this is one of the most popular bookish scented candle shops so I’m guessing it’s quite amazing (top right)

Pemberley Manor Scent – From The Pages’ Etsy Shop, around £7.85 (bottom right)

Wuthering Heights scent – OldGlowCandles’ Etsy Shop, around £9.99 (top left)

Parabatai scent – NovellyYours’ Etsy Shop, around £7.85 (bottom left)

Bookmarks – What’s not bookish about bookmarks!? Every bookworm loves bookmarks, I’m sure. And I know that I for one can never have too many bookmarks. There’s something special about bookmarks, especially if you have lots of them. Every time you take a look at the bookmark you have memories of the book that said bookmark…well, marked. And bookmarks come in all shapes and sizes! You get corner bookmarks, magnetic ones, and normal rectangular ones – bookmarks are awesome! 

Lamp on Book Bookmark –, $12 (bottom right)

Squashed Man Bookmark – Amazon, £4.99 (top right)

Harry Potter Characters Magnetic Bookmark – Etsy, £1.93 per character (top left)

Fearless Rune Bookmark – Etsy, £9.00 (bottom left)

Hope you enjoyed that post! I’ll do another one of these sometime soon..perhaps for jewellery and other wearables…



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