Thursday Tracks- 21st April 2016 #2

So, Thursday has rolled round again and it’s time for Thursday Tracks here on Geeky Fangirls. Unlike some of the others where we switch round, Thursday Tracks is my personal meme, so you’re stuck with me. If you have no idea what I’m babbling on about and don’t know what Thursday Tracks is, you can check out my first Thursday Tracks post (from last week- this is quite a new thing) where I explained it here.

So, this week I’ve had a huge party, so I’m going to use Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) to represent this. Though the party wasn’t quite as rebellious as hers (it was mostly my relatives so about 80% of the people there were over 70, most others not far behind) I love this song so I will use it. Being the “good girl” that I am (note the speech marks- good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught- yes, I am becoming a 5sos fan! Be prepared for more of their songs coming up on future Thursday Tracks) I felt such a  rush of rebellion singing along to a song that dirty. I like the dirty songs- they make me feel more rebellious (mwah ha ha).


Now also, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic (oh god, you think, not again. Yep again. I tend to feel nostalgic a lot. Singers better start writing some more nostalgic songs coz I’m gonna run out quickly). I know I’m always feeling pretty nostalgic, but this time is different. I’ve reached the end of one stage of my life, and that makes me sad. I’m a very nostalgic person, and I take the fact that we can never go back very seriously. I’m trying to live on the moment a bit more, but sorta struggling. Anyway, it’s quite unlikely you’ve heard this song unless you are a die-hard Swiftie (like me), but it’s a really beautiful one and a avert nostalgic one. If you’re in a really nostalgic mood (like I always am) it can even bring tears. It’s called Never Grow Up, by Taylor Swift (duh) and it’s one of my favourite songs. Do listen- it’s truly beautiful.

Finally, comes my weekly singer/band, which is gonna be 5sos. This is coz I have my first 5sos lesson later today, and I’m very excited (before you ask, my friend takes being a fan very seriously, so I have to take lessons to make sure I know everything about them before I can call myself a fan).


Here’s 5sos (5 seconds of summer)- a band. From left to right: Michael, Luke, Calum, Ashton

As I said, each week is gonna be different so this week I’m not gonna do an album as I can’t really think of any that work. However, if you have a working/revising/exams song/album/singer/playlist then that also sums up my week, as exams are coming up so its revision time. Unfortunately, it’s day four of revision and I’ve got about four days worth of revision to do tonight, so that gonna be fun. Shoot me now.

I hope you enjoyed my second Thursday Tracks, do check out my first one, you can find the link at the top of the page, and please like, follow and check out our other stuff!



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