Thoughts On Reading Slumps

Oh, I hate reading slumps. When you have, like me, a TBR list consisting of 160 books, you’ll definitely want to get through them as quickly as possible. This is over ambitious, but I’m aiming to whittle down my TBR to at least 50 books by next year. That means I need to read 100 books. And how am I supposed to do if I’m in a reading slump!

Usually, switching books gets me out of a slump, but that didn’t work this time. I switched from Another Day (by David Levithan) to More Than This (by Patrick Ness) to Red Queen (by Victoria Aveyard). I just couldn’t get into Another Day or More Than This, and I’m actually really enjoying Red Queen, but I just have no motivation to read. Usually when I see a book just lying there, near me, I feel an urge to abandon what I’m doing and sit and read, but now I just walk past. Finally, when all else failed, I decided to reread Carry On. A book I love, my favourite book actually. Surely I’d want to keep reading this?

Well, we’ll see if I manage to read Red Queen again, and if I do I’ll certainly write a review, as the little bits I did read, I loved. But, for now, here are my tips on how to get out of a reading slump.

Locate your reason – This can be kinda hard, but if you can, try and locate the reason as to why you aren’t reading. It may be stress, or distracting noises around you. Maybe you’d rather be doing something else. I discovered that my reason was that I am way to addicted to Doctor Who at the moment. Well that’s fine, and maybe you should do what you want to do, rather than force yourself to read the book, when your mind is clearly not there. It’s okay to take a break from reading once in a while, and maybe after your little break you can get back to reading the book.

Start afresh – If you can’t locate the reason as to why you aren’t reading, then I’d suggest you start afresh. If you were near the beginning of the book, then maybe start the book again. However if you were more towards the middle/end, then rewind a few chapters back, refresh yourself, remind yourself what’s going on. Maybe then you’ll be able to get into the book more.

Read a new book – Maybe it’s best if you just abandon the book. Perhaps the book just wasn’t…you. Maybe the author, genre or writing style wasn’t suited to you. Like I said earlier, it’s no use forcing yourself to read the book, so just try something new. If you really want, you could go back to said book later, but for now, just start something else.

Listen to the book – Try out an audio book. You could purchase the audio book version instead of reading it. Personally I’ve never tried an audio book or an ebook, but I can see why it may work. You can have the book playing in the background, and whilst you do something else you can still listen to book. You may listen to music whilst travelling or working, so why not listen to a book? Maybe you just need to read the book in a different voice.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope it will help you get out of any reading slumps you may have. Hopefully Carry On will bring me out of MY slump..fingers crossed. If you haven’t read Carry On check out our review over here, by Mia.

Note – Header image by Risa Rodil.

– V


One thought on “Thoughts On Reading Slumps

  1. ahalfbloodfangirl says:

    I wouldn’t say I’m in a slump right now but definitely on a slow reading pace. I’m reading The Rose Society by Marie Lu. I enjoy the book a lot but, right now, I feel like I could be doing something else than read. Good luck with the TBR pile. Mine is huge as well.

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