Thursday Tracks – 14th April 2016 #1

Hi guys! This is my first Thursday tracks post, so I’ll start with a little explaining.

Thursday Tracks is a weekly meme hosted by Gone with the Words. Each Thursday, you choose a song/album/singer, etc. that sorta sums up your week. It’s quite a free meme, so within the boundaries you can basically do what you like. If you want to check it out yourself, or are thinking of trying it on your own blog, click here.

Because I am the most indecisive person you’ll ever meet (or read their blog- same thing), I decided that I will choose a couple of songs each time to some up the different aspects of the week. Really, this is just an excuse to share posts of good music.

Yesterday, Taylor Swift released a new video for her song “Hopeless Romantics” which really made my week. I am a huge Swiftie and so this was very exciting. You can check out this awesome video here. I love this song. It’s amazing.”We show off our different scarlet letters. Trust me, mine is better”    When she says that line it is just 👌. This is gonna have to be my song of the week.

For runner up, I chose Big When I Was Little by Eliza Doolittle  which you can check out here. My sister went through a stage of being obsessed with this song a few years back. Gosh, if the song was released in 2013 it must have been about 2 years ago! That’s scary- it didn’t feel like that long. Anyway, I’m feeling kinda nostalgic at the moment (to be honest I’m always nostalgic- just at the moment I’m especially more so) and this is a very nostalgic song. Also, I’ve just started trying to start making my photo album for our Easter holiday, and sitting “cross legged on the floor” with all the photos spread around me made me think of the song.

I also want to mention two more albums (by Taylor Swift as well). I’ve been home a lot this week, and that means full volume Swift discos on the home Sonos speakers. You see, the problem is, on my phone I have two Swift albums (1989 and Fearless- my mum downloaded 1989 by mistake and I wasn’t going to complain and then my parents got me Fearless as a well done) but I can only play them on my home speakers. The big problem with this is that my dad dislikes pop music. He uses some words I shouldn’t use to describe it. So I can’t really listen to it much. Therefore, these are going to be my two albums of the week, as I’ve listened to them loads this week.


And with all if that, in gonna have to crown Taylor singer of the week *applause*. Between New Romantics, 1989 and Fearless, no one else got a look in (except for Eliza Doolittle but she only got runner up). Hopefully they will next week.

So, that’s my first Thursday Tracks post- what do you think?

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