I made a TBR jar! I’ve wanted to make this for a long time, as my TBR list seems to be growing longer by the minute, making it harder to pick my next book. TBR stands for To-Be Read…my TBR list consists of 150 books…😬
The idea of a TBR Jar is to basically write the titles of the books on your TBR list, onto small slips of paper. These slips of paper then go into the jar. When you need a book to read, but don’t know which, you simply pick a random slip of paper – and there, you have a lovely book to read!

Feel free to save the image of the label I used for my jar, if you’d like to use it on your own jar.

I really liked this idea! The only fault I had with a TBR jar is – do you put new releases into it? Because if you do, it’ll get lost in the pile with other books, and you’ll probably not be reading it for months to come…

Tell me what you think!

– V


5 thoughts on “TBR Jar

  1. fortheloveofya says:

    TBR jars really are the best way to push through a reading slump. Even if I end up not liking the book I picked, it usually inspires me to actively pick a better book for the next read!

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