Shadowhunters TV Series – Review (Part 2 of 3)

Hi everyone! This is Part 2 on my review for Freeform’s TV Adaptation of the Mortal Instruments. If you haven’t yet read Part 1, click here. There are spoilers in this post!! Do not proceed unless you wish to be spoiled!

Right…so it’s time for the negatives…This post IS longer than my positive post, but maybe that’s just me being nit-picky, so don’t be put off by it, and go watch Shadowhunters! But read the books first. Definitely.



Firstly, what’s up Simon’s band? The Champagne Enema/Rock Solid Panda (as it’s named at the time) is only a two-person band – isn’t it supposed to have four people? And guess what. It’s gets worse. Said band consists of Simon…and Maureen. Yuuup, Maureen Brown. No, I’m not kidding, this IS the same Maureen who turned into a crazy, obsessive vampire who became the leader of the New York vampires. The same Maureen who locked Simon up, who went by the name Queen Maureen. What the hell is she doing in Simon’s band! Aaah, how it annoys me when adaptations stray so far away from the books!


Also, Clary needs to be wayyy shorter. She’s supposed to be tiny and petite, but she really isn’t! She’s just an average height! And aren’t her eyes supposed to be a vibrant green? They didn’t even look green. Jace seemsΒ to be more or less like the Jace in the book, but I don’t know, I just don’t really think he works as Jace. Alec didn’t have blue eyes! Come on, get the eye colours right, people! Soon you’re gonna make a TID TV show and give Will Herondale hazel eyes or something, and that’s when the fangirls will go really mad.


The runes were a bit weird too…Firstly, the actors never really drew them. They just kinda waved their steles around in random shapes, hoping that special effects would fill everything in for them. End result – hand movements that look nothing like the runes below. Ok, fine, I guess it may be a bit hard to remember all the runes – but what I didn’tΒ like was the fact that runes like iratzes didn’t fade away. You could just slide your stele over it, and it would literally be reapplied. Just like that. That’s not how its supposed to work! Ok, maybe I’m being slightly over dramatic, but come on, they’ve already messed up the movie adaptation, can’t they at least get it right, second attempt?


Also about Malec. As I said, I thought Malec were perfect in the TV series, but just one tiny little problem. In the boo, the Clave disapproved of relationships like their’s, therefore they thought it would be best if nobody knew about their relationship, and kept it a secret, for a while. Well, that ain’t gonna work if your first kiss is in front of the whole Institute and a bunch of people from Idris as well! Get it right, people! In the book, Magnus and Alec were much, much more sensible, and kissed in Alicante, before battle, not the minute they discovered they were in love!


Another problem with Malec is that immortality argument they have in the books, about how Magnus was immortal and therefore loved other people. Remember that argument? I know, nobody likes to think of those dark, dark days, but that argument happened wayyy later on in the books, in the latter half. Then why did the TV show have to make it happen in the first season? No. You are not gonna make Malec argue this early. No.


Also Ragnor Fell is meant to have horns and green skin. But no. He just has his horns. And Catarina Loss, she needs to have BLUE skin! But she seems to have no warlock’s mark at all, by the looks of it!


And finally, THERE WAS NO BROTHER ZACHARIAH! If you’ve read The Infernal Devices, I’m sure you’ll feel my pain. Because Brother Zachariah is very important, they can’t just…not have him! Aaagh!

Well those were my problems….they may seem really small and stupid, but come on! I don’t want them to mess up The Mortal Instruments for the second time!!


– V


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