Shadowhunters TV Series – Review (Part 1 of 3)

Yesss! I finally got to watch Season 1 of Shadowhunters, the TV adaptation of The Mortal Instruments, one of my favourite book series. I was really excited to see this TV series – it’s the first of my book fandoms to get a TV adaptation, rather than a movie adaptation. And you may know how disastrously wrong the movie version of The Mortal Instruments was….

Anyways, I thought the TV shows were good! They were really enjoyable, and I guess I would have absolutely loved it if I hadn’t read the books…but I have, and I just couldn’t help picking out all those little mistakes and annoying details that they didn’t get right. Honestly, I’d always thought that TV series would be better adaptations compared to movies. It’s simple really, isn’t it? Why can’t directors have each season to be a book, each episode a couple of chapters? Way more logical than cramming the whole thing into a movie. Well, I was sooo wrong. They still couldn’t get it perfect…

I thought that I’d do a little book to TV analysis of Shadowhunters, picking out the bits I liked, as a reader, and the bits that they got so, so wrong. I also spotted a couple of Easter Eggs, relating to TID, The Bane Chronicles and/or The Dark Artifices. Therefore be aware that there are probably gonna be a lot of spoilers relating to the whole series on this post. I’ll split it into three posts (good bits, bad bits, and easter eggs) otherwise it would be wayy to long.

Ok, let’s start off with the good bits…there are more bad bits than good bits, but I was pretty critical and harsh, as I always am with book adaptations.
The casting. I mean, I know it’s not great, it isn’t exactly like I imagined it, but I like it. Except for Jace and Clary, they’re nothing at all like I thought they’d be. Other than those two, I think the rest of the cast was pretty good! They aren’t ever going to get Valentine exactly right, but I guess he was OK. And Hodge was different to what I imagined him to be, but…it makes sense to have cast him.

Another thing I really liked is the Institute. Reading the book, I’d always imagined it as this old place, lacking technology, with old wooden furniture – resembling some sort of ancient castle or something. Don’t ask 😂. Instead, Shadowhunters took a different take on the Institute, making it sleek and modern, with all sorts of fancy tech and touch screen computers. It’s different, yes, but it works, and I like it!


The Lightwood family – they were really good! I think Maryse and Robert’s actors were perfect for their roles, although they could have been more argumentative, and had more disagreements. Max was perfect, and he was so cute! However, he could have appeared more, because at the moment, it doesn’t really seem like Alec, Jace and Izzy are too close with their little brother, which they are – and when that certain moment (which we do not speak of) comes, it’ll be hard to show just how sad the Lightwoods feel. 

 And finally, Malec. Yes, Malec. Was. Perfection. It was amazing. They had a whole episode named after them!! You know, I think Malec may be sharing a position with Kaider as my OTP. I fangirl so hard, just thinking about how perfect they were! They’ve come so far *tears up*.

Well, that was that for Part 1 of my review! I hope you enjoyed it, please comment beliw and tell me what you thought on the show – and if you haven’t yet seen it, tell me what you’re looking forward to seeing! 

– V


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