This or That Tag

The This or That tag is basically when you have one reading/bookish option and another, and you need to pick the one you yourself prefer. Feel free to do the tag yourself, and if you do please put the link below as I love reading others’ tags!

Also some exciting news – we’ve decided to do Top Ten Tuesday, which is a weekly book post created by the blog Broke and Bookish – check it out, and look forward to this Tuesday 5th April!!

Let’s go straight into the tag!

Physical book or ebook?
Easy peasy. Physical book. Definitely.
I’m strongly against ebooks. I love physical books, and I really don’t want the future to be taken over by ebooks, they mustn’t replace physical books. And it’s just so much nicer to have the pages between your hands, and you can flick through them and smell the lovely scent…
Tell me I’m not a complete weirdo. Am I the only person who sniffs books? 😂

Audio or book in hand?
I haven’t tried an audio book yet, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. I think it would be cool to do your work with the audio playing in the background, or just listening to the book as you fall asleep, but I’d rather just read the book myself. It just seems nicer to imagine the characters in your head as you read the books.

Paperback or hardcover?
There used to be a time when I was obsessed with hardcover books and dust jackets, but to be honest, I prefer paperback. It’s also cheaper, and I personally think it’s a bit unnecessary to spend extra money for a hardback, when the content of the book would probably be exactly the same.

Adult or young adult?
YA. I love YA books, they are amazing. Definitely YA.

Series or standalone?
Aaah, this is a tough one. It depends, really. I love series more than standalones, but it’s annoying when you’ve read a book and you really want to read the next one, but the book hasn’t come out yet. Plus, you get some series with say, 5 books – which are all amazing – but then the ultimate ending could be a real let down. I love trilogies though. Standalones are great too, it’s nice to read them once in a while, because these days most books are series.

Dog ears or bookmarks?
This depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m in a bookmark mood, sometimes I’m in a dog ear mood. Sometimes I just lay my books flat on it’s pages on my bed – but I never, ever remember the page numbers. I’m way too forgetful, I couldn’t risk it!
Breaking the spine or barely opening the book?
Breaking the spine. All my spines are so cracked, but that’s the way I like it! 

Borrow or buy?
I like having my own books more than borrowing them, but to be honest, I borrow from the library/friends more. However I would love to start buying books more often, and it’s my dream to have my books organised in rainbow order!

Bookstore or online?
Bookstore. Firstly the smell. Amazing. Secondly, you can find and explore books more. You may discover an author or book you’ve never heard of before, and it turns out to be amazing.

Harry Potter or Twillight?
Harry Potter. Obviously *in Snape’s voice*.

No but seriously. Harry Potter is my life and my soul, it is AMAZING. My love for the series cannot be portrayed in just a few sentences. 

Fiction or non-fiction?
Definitely fiction. I just find it so much more exciting! I’m not saying non-fiction is bad though, I do like non-fiction as well, but I read fiction way, way more often.

Fantasy world or real life issues?
I like both. Authors like Rainbow Rowell and John Green write amazing real world books, but authors like Cassandra Clare, Rick Riordan and Marissa Meyer write great fantasy, too.

Kindle, iPad or other?
As I said, I’m not really an e-book person, but if I was, I’d probably read them on my iPad.

Monster read or short and sweet?
Monster read. Yup, I like big books and I cannot lie 😜.

Starry-eyed romance or full of action?
Ummm…well, most YA books are kinda both? I don’t know, I like both, can’t choose!

Curl up in a Snuggie or read outside?
I usually read on my bed. I know, that’s not an option, but I don’t have a Snuggie – I didn’t even know what it was until a moment ago when I just looked it up! I tend to get really distracted if I read outside, because of all the noise, and my massive phobia of bugs.

Read the review or decide for yourself?
Both really – if the blurb alone sounds absolutely amazing, then it goes onto my TBR list without the need of reading a review, but if the blurb is quite empty, or I’m not sure how I feel about the book I read reviews.

Hope you enjoyed that!

– V


One thought on “This or That Tag

  1. Life of a Female Bibliophile says:

    Nice post! I also love the smell of books. I don’t think it’s too weird since many other readers have confessed to it as well plus they make perfumes with the same scent, lol. I also have a massive phobia of bugs as well, so springtime is better than summer for reading outside for me. Less pesky bugs then. 🙂


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