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I’ve heard about the Birthstone Book Tag a lot, and it seemed like a really interesting tag. Basically each month’s birthstone has its own meaning, and you need to find the book that matches the birthstone best. I really loved this tag, it was soooo interesting to write! Drop a comment below or like the post, and tell me what you think!

January – GARNET – Associated with warding off negative forces and dark energies – Name a book with the darkest, evilest creature you can think of.
 Well. This was hard. These authors can think up some pretty evil characters, there is a lot of them out there, but I somehow seemed to lean towards Sebastian/Jonathan Morgenstern, from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. I loathed Sebastian from the minute I read about him – even in the bits where he was seemingly a good character. I hated Sebastian, he murdered so many people, unnecessarily, and caused so irreparable destruction and damage. He was a young teenager and his mind had become so twisted and corrupted that he turned into an evil creature.

February – AMETHYST – Purple is associated with Royalty. Name a book with regal qualities…you can base this of characters or choose the King of all books.
For this I had to choose The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, of course. I mean, the whole series is about restoring a lost princess to the Lunar throne, what’s not regal about that? There is a Queen, two princesses and an Emperor – of course these books are royal!

March – AQUAMARINE – ‘Washed out’. Name a wishy washy character, who is not strong but a follower.
Aaah this is hard…the thing with most books is that they have such flawless, perfect characters, born leaders, who can gain followers within a second. However I’d nominate Agatha from Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. Agatha is a weak character, who would prefer a Normal life to a life of excitement in the World of Mages. She refuses to take a risk and thinks it would be best to hand everything over to adults, rather than putting herself in danger. I don’t know if this was just me, but she didn’t even seem to trust her own friends, or parents! 
But speaking of Carry On, I really wish Rainbow Rowell would write another Simon Snow book! Maybe Simon could find out about his past, about Lucy and Davy?

April – DIAMOND – A diamond in the rough. Name a book that you loved but is not well-known.
For this I’d have to say Playlist for the Dead by Michelle Falkoff. It’s a really great book, especially if you like YA genres, and it definitely deserves to be more popular! It was one of my favourite books for a while, but right now my favourite is Carry On.

May – EMERALD – Said to balance energy. Name two characters who balance each other well.
This is easy – Percy and Jackson and Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. Annabeth has wisdom and strategies which can be used in battle, and Percy has the strength and determination to carry the strategies out, and therefore they balance each other well. I’m really looking forward to The Trials Of Apollo, I hope we find something out about Percabeth….maybe they’ll be married!

June – PEARL – Associated with loyalty. Name a character who is loyal to the end.

Two words. Jem Carstairs. Could anybody argue and say Jem ISN’T loyal!? Of all the books I read, Jem was one of the most kind, loyal and friendly characters that I ever came across. He always puts himself before others, especially Will and Tessa, and Jem wouldn’t ever betray anybody. In fact, he’d probably take whatever punishment there is for himself, before betraying his friends and those he loves.

July – RUBY – Blood red. Name a book that made your blood boil, one that made you angry.
I’d have to say Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The whole book made me so, so angry!! It was UMBRIDGE!!! Every time they mentioned her name, I felt like gouging out her eyes, her stupid laugh, her horrible punishments, she was such a vile character! She doesn’t deserve to be in a book as great as Harry Potter.
And also the ending of the book really infuriated me. Kreacher betraying Harry, and killing Sirius, Harry’s only hope of leaving the stupid Dursleys, Harry’s only family and link to his past and parents. 

August – PERIDOT – Pale green (it pales in comparison to other gems). Name a supporting character you like better than the main character.
Back to Harry Potter for this one, as lovely as the Golden Trio are, I never really like Harry and Ron. I loved Luna though. If Luna came with Harry, Ron and Hermione, they may have been able to learn about the Hallows much quicker – she obviously had some knowledge on them. And also Luna’s character is just awesome. Her quirkiness, and weirdness, what’s not to love about her?

September – SAPPHIRE – Blue like the ocean – Name a book that had a calming effect on you.
For this I’d pick Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell. It’s just such a normal, yet amazing book. It’s about a normal girl who goes to college, nothing dramatic – no monsters or demons or freak villains. Just a normal girl, with normal problems! It was also kinda reassuring to know that there were people who were obsessing over fiction so much!

October – OPAL – Iridescent; name an iridescent book. This can be a book with a beautiful cover (shiny? Lots of colour?) or you can base it off a character (Quirky? Colourful?).
I loved the cover for Lady Midnight. I have a special edition one, so it was all metallic and shiny, and it was full of gold and silver writing, with the beautiful parabatai rune down the spine. Every time you held the book under a different light, the colour would change their shades slightly, or you would see a new wave or bubble in the water. I don’t know if this counts but I also loved the sprayed blue pages! I love sprayed pages, but there aren’t many books with them – I know the Gone series has each book sprayed a different colour.

November – TOPAZ – Associated with resilience. Name a book with a character who rises to the top at a time of adversity.
I would say Violet from All The Bright Places. I know this isn’t as dramatic as other ones, but Violet was going through a really tough time, and when she met Finch, she learnt to fight it all down and stay strong, and rise above it. She managed to control her suicidal feelings and stay resilient no matter what.

December – BLUE ZIRCON – Associated with friendship. Name a book with a friendship you want to be part of.
Clary, Jace, Simon, Izzy, Alec and Magnus. They have such an awesome friendship and they are all so close. I’d love to be part of their friendship…I’d probably ruin everything for them…or they may get freaked out by me coz I’d constantly be fangirling over them, but oh well!

I hope you like the Birthstone Book Tag! Feel free to do the tag yourself, and if you do please send me the link in the comments because I would love to read your answers to all the questions!

– V


One thought on “Birthstone Book Tag

  1. keepareadin' says:

    I love this tag! I hated Sebastian throughout the books until the very last! I know many people have mixed feelings about it, but I honestly felt that his situation was very similar to Jace’s! And though I haven’t read Carry On, I love Playlist For The Dead!

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