10 Facts About Harry Potter – #3


This is my third 10 Facts About Harry Potter. If you want to read the others, click on the header and find the Harry Potter section. Enjoy!

  1. Harry Potter is the only wizard in history who has had all three Unforgivable Curses; crucio, the torturing curse; imperio, the curse to control people against their will; and avada kedavra, the killing curse – used against him, and survived.
  2. The third Unforgivable Curse is Avada Kedavra, the Killing Curse. ‘Avra Kehdabra‘ actually means ‘I will create as I speak‘. However, the phrase ‘cadavra‘ has also been incorporated into the spell. ‘Cadavra‘ means dead bodies, so Avada Kedavra basically means ‘I will create dead bodies as I speak‘ and it isn’t actually just a play on Abracadabra.
  3. The graphics team on the set hand wrote and hand decorated thousands of letters for owls to carry. However, they later found that these letters were much to heavy for the owls to carry, and so they had to repeat the whole procedure again. Then, it took 6 whole months for the owl to learn how to fly carrying the letters.
  4. In the Philosopher’s Stone, the directors decided not to show Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson the Great Hall beforehand. Therefore, all the shock and excitement on their expressions were real.
  5. Most of the portraits around Hogwarts were based on the film cast and crew.
  6. There were two Hagrid’s huts. One of them was overly large with larger props and furniture, which would make the actors look small. The other one was a normal size, so Hagrid would look more like a giant in comparison to Harry, Ron and Hermione.
  7. All the potions drank throughout the film were actually different flavours of soup. The overall cast favourite was carrot and coriander flavoured soup.
  8. Dementors cannot breed between themselves. The grow through decay, fungus and mould.
  9. Albus Dumbledore lived to be 150 years old.
  10. We were told that every witch and wizard would automatically join Hogwarts when they were born. This is done using an enchanted quill, which detects the birth of a newborn witch or wizard and records it in a book.

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– V


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