Zombie Apocalypse Team #1

*all credits to the artists of any pieces of art posted.

My first zombie apocalypse team post… It’s going to be based on characters from:

  • The Mortal Instruments
  • The Infernal Devices
  • Heroes of Olympus

Team Leader – Percy

The best team leader out of the characters I had to pick from would probably be Percy. He has already shown that he can lead and support a large group of people in stressful and dangerous situations. He is a good fighter, can make wise decisions at times (… πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚ ) and has good leadership qualities. He is experienced in fighting so he would be able to help the people fight their way out of trouble.

Although I did consider Jace Herondale, I thought that Percy had a better leadership, and was probably more experienced in leading large groups of people, unlike Jace, who was more used to his little group of Clary, Simon, Alec, Izzy and Magnus.

Brawler – Jason Grace

I think the best brawler would be Jason Grace. Although he can be soft and caring at points, when it comes to fighting Jason Grace is experienced, strong and determined. He is good with the sword, and is one of the best in his camp. He is one of the only people who would be able to beat Percy Jackson.

Weapons Expert – Will Herondale

Will Herondale has lived in the Institute pretty much for half his life. He is an experienced Shadowhunter, who knows what he’s doing, and has fought several demons throughout his years. If anyone can tell the difference between seraph blades, Will could, and in this zombie apocalypse, Will Herondale would be able to pick the best weapons that would work against these zombies, and he’d know what would defeat them and what wouldn’t.

Brains – Annabeth Chase

Come on, everybody would have chosen Annabeth. Why wouldn’t you? She is the daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom, that’s why. And on top of that, Athena is goddess of wisdom in battle. Annabeth could think up smart strategies and team tactics to defeat the zombies. She’d probably have some knowledge on apocalypses anyways, and would be able to give people tips for that. Annabeth is perfect for the brains of the apocalypse team, nobody else would be able to fulfil this position like Annabeth.

Medic – James Carstairs

In his pre-Brother form, Jem was anyway a smart, kind person who cared for people. Even if he didn’t have TOO much knowledge on medicine, he would be able to use some logic and find a way to bandage up any wounds. Even if he couldn’t do that, Jem would comfort the victim, because that’s what Jem’s best at. In his Brother form, Jem would be an expert at medicine. He would be curing strange and unseen wounds almost everyday of his life, so he would definitely have experience and reliability. Jem is the perfect choice for the team medic.

Speed Fighter – Izzy Lightwood


Izzy would be a great speed fighter for the team. She is determined, quick-thinking, and is good with her weapons. She has lived in the Institute all her life, and so, is used to fighting off demons. She is rebellious, and will do anything to win a fight.

Mascot – Frank Zhang

Frank would probably be the best mascot out there…come on, he can change into animals! He could turn into this awesome creature that makes a statement and frightens away zombies. Although Frank is great at fighting, in fact he is the son of Mars himself, I think he isn’t the best fighter of all the fighters that are there on option. There’s no saying that he WOULDN’T fight…he could fight, he could even turn into a violent or poisonous creature of some sort, but I think Frank is the best mascot for the zombie apocalypse team.

Person Who Dies First – Simon Lewis

The person who dies first would probably be Simon Lewis. Come on, let’s face it. We all love Simon, but he would definitely be the first to die. His clumsy awkwardness and inexperience in fighting would get him killed off. Without Izzy or Clary to guide him, Simon would probably straight into the hands of the enemy.

Well that was my zombie apocalypse team, for TID, TMI and HoO! I hope you liked it!



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