10 Facts About Harry Potter – #2

So here is my second post on 10 Facts About Harry Potter. If you want to read my first one, click here. Last time my facts were predominantly based on the WB Movies, so now I’m gonna try and post some facts MAINLY more about the books and characters. Hope you enjoy them, comment below to tell me your thoughts!

  1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire had several alternative titles, which JKR had considered before deciding on the final title. She considered the title Harry Potter and the Doomspell Tournament, Harry Potter and the Triwizard Tournament, Harry Potter and the Death Eaters and Harry Potter and the Three Champions.
  2. Nicolas Flamel was a real person, who lived in Paris in the 1300s. He was very wealthy, and was part of a rich, Parisian society. After his death, people began to believe that he was secretly an alchemist, and that he had discovered a special stone that turned lead into gold. You may have noticed that Nicholas Flamel is actually mentioned in several other novels, such as The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.
  3. People often wonder why the Avada Kedavra spell created a lightening bolt shaped scar. There are two reasons to this question, one of them being the fact that the hand movements for the Killing Curse is in the shape of a lightening bolt. Another reason is the fact that the lightening scar is like 2 number seven signs – and, if you are a true Potterhead, you will know how sacred the number 7 is.
  4. Harry’s family is very famous. Firstly, Fleamont Potter, Harry’s grandfather, invented the Sleakeazy Hair Potion. You may recognise that potion – Hermione used it before the Yule Ball. Fleamont also had ancestors who had created potions such as Skelegro, which Harry used in the Chamber of Secrets, and the Pepperup potion. Henry and Ralston Potter were both members of Wizengamot, then obviously there’s Harry, James and Lily Potter, famous for their battles against Lord Voldemort.
  5. Daniel Radcliffe broke 80 wands throughout the movies because he used them as drumsticks. 🙂
  6. Most of the people in the Black family had their names based on stars and constellations – such as Sirius, Andromeda and Regulus.
  7. During lessons, students were made to do their real homework from their real schools, to make the setting more realistic. In doing this, Rupert Grint was doodling an ugly picture of Alan Rickman during Potions class, only to find that he was standing right behind him. Alan Rickman then got Rupert Grint to sign his name at the bottom of the drawing, and kept it safe with him.
  8. JKR wrote five pages of words beginning with Q, until she finally decided on the name Quidditch.
  9. Fred and George only ever saw each other as old men when they put their names in the Goblet of Fire. Nooo, the feels!
  10. Sirius’ last ever thought was: “Here I come, Prongs.”         Until the very end 😭 RIP Padfoot and Prongs.




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