This is a bit of an intro to this category. I kinda feel like I should put it here, so I don’t have to repeat myself in every post.

Firstly, all character rights go to Cassandra Clare.

Also, many of these headcanons are off the internet. If you believe one of these headcanons is yours, then please comment and I will give you a mention in the post.

In case you don’t know, Headcanons are ideas that us fangirls like to think happened after the story. They are just written by fans, not the authors, and are therefore not necersarily true, but we like to believe they are. These are all headcanons that I personally love and believe in with all my heart. I’m sharing them in the hope that you too believe in them and enjoy them.

And I think that’s all there is to say. The posts will be very short, probably just a short headcanon on each. Please like and comment- it really makes my day. Thank you bookloverpotterhead for your comment- it really made me happy. So, enjoy!



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