Divergent by Veronica Roth

Divergent is a book based in a city where the society is divided into 5 factions. Abnegation, for the selfless. Dauntless, for the brave. Erudite, for the clever. Candor, for the honest. Amity, for the kind. 

Tris Prior has been in Abnegation since she was born, as that is the faction her parents are in. But now, she’s the age of someone who can choose which faction they go to, and Tris is faced with a hard decision. Should she stay in her faction to accompany her parents, or should she choose another faction which she finds more interesting? 

Tris makes her decision. After she has decided which faction she goes to, it turns out that it’s going to be a lot tougher than she thought it would be. What makes it even more dangerous is that she is something special but not in a good way.

I loved this book, it was written very well with a great storyline, idea, and characters. The book had some romance in as well, and quite a lot of action, making it a very exciting read. It’s the type of book which you just cannot put down, as there’s always so much more you want to know! Divergent is in a trilogy, made up of itself, Insurgent and Allegiant. There’s also an extra called Four. I highly recommend this trilogy!

– L


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