The Rest Of Us Just Live Here

The Rest Of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

Mikey, Mel, Jared and Henna are in their last year of high school. They’re going to graduate soon, but they want to graduate without any soul-eating ghosts or Gods destroying their school. Why? Because in their small town that nobody’s ever heard of, weird things attack the poor, heroic Indie kids with strange names and private friendships. It’s been happening for years – it happened to the previous generation and the generation before that.

The Rest Of Us Just Live Here is a really unique novel, that focusses on a town where strange fantastical creatures such as vampires attack. The Indie kids have to fight these beasts. 

Every book focusses on a main character, the character that saves the world from evil and restores the good and peace. However, The Rest Of Us Live Here isn’t like that. This novel focusses on those apart from the main characters, those who are in the background. Have you ever wondered how (sorry about this upcoming Harry Potter reference… πŸ™‚ ) the normal Hufflepuffs, who weren’t tangled in Harry’s life, how they lead their lives? It wouldn’t have been as dramatic as Harry and his friends’. They would have still been affected by the changes of the world around them, but not as badly. This is what The Rest Of Us Just Live Here looks at. Those normal people, whose lives aren’t caught up in the mad things going on around them, how they lead their lives.

I absolutely loved this novel. It’s so rare, to see an author turn the spotlight away from the heroes of every situation, and onto the normal people. The book kind of mocks stories about zombie apocalypses, and is a really interesting read.
The author of the book is Patrick Ness – he wrote the bestselling book The Knife of Never Letting Go. This book is full of romance, humour and amazing ideas – it’s a book for everyone. 



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