Ouran High School Host Club

  You’ve no doubt heard of this rather popular anime. Fujioka Haruhi has joined a new school, Ouran Highschool, in which all the rich people go to, but she is poor and is only there due to getting a scholarship. She’s looking for a place to study, when she stumbles upon a music room and finds the Host Club, a place where girls can go to so that the attractive boys who make up the Host Club can make them happy by talking to them and saying romantic things to please the girls.

Haruhi breaks a very expensive vase there, and the host club demand that she should be their errand boy (because of her boyish appearance, they first deem her to be a male) to repay. With no choice, Haruhi does so. They figure out that Haruhi is a girl in the end, but as they still need her to repay, they dress her up as a male and force her to become part of the Host Club.
This is a romantic comedy anime. Each episode is of the Host Club with Haruhi fooling around, or trying to keep Haruhi’s identity a secret. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a light-hearted and hilarious anime which has some romance in and very interesting characters! 

– L


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