Harry Potter Fan Theories

*spoilers ahead*

I love Harry Potter. It’s been years since the books came out, but the fandom is still going. Potterheads are still as crazy about it as they were then, we have the most loyal fans. We also have some crazy fans. Crazy fans who can think up some pretty crazy fan theories. And I LOVE fan theories. So, I thought I’d share my favourite HP fan theories with you!

Salazar Slytherin created the Chamber of Secrets to protect the students, not murder them.
Being a Slytherin myself, I’ve gotten used to people looking at me in shock when I tell them which house I am in. “Why would you be in Slytherin? They’re so…evil! I hate Slytherins, ugh!” They say. WE ARE NOT EVIL. Just because Voldemort was from Slytherin, you cannot classify every single Slytherin as evil. And anyways, the great Merlin himself was in Slytherin so….😜

A tumblr user came up with a theory as to why Slytherin are most definitely NOT evil. The four founders of Hogwarts, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin would have all lived at around the time when witch-hunting was a thing. The wizards would have needed to do their utmost to protect themselves from prying muggle eyes, and the Hogwarts founders would have also needed to cast the best protections on the castle, to prevent any harm.

Therefore, Salazar Slytherin had a good reason to dislike Muggleborns… who knows, they may not have been entirely trustworthy, Slytherin obviously didn’t want any of his fellow witches and wizards to be handed in to the muggle authorities. 

Sooo, what if Slytherin created the Chamber of Secrets as a place to hide the students of Hogwarts? It could be a refuge for them if anything was threatening them. If some muggles suddenly found the school, then he could round up all the students and take them to the Chamber, which if you noticed, was quite large. Slytherin could then easily command the Basilisk to attack and get rid of the muggles who were attacking Hogwarts.

You see? The Slytherin house may not be all that bad!

The Dursleys might have been trying to help Harry…
I doubt there is a single Potterhead out there who likes the Dursleys. The way they treated Harry was unacceptable. Who would make an innocent 11 year old live in a CUPBOARD!? The Dursleys would. I’m glad Professor Moody (RIP) helped Harry get his back on them. They deserved it.

However, there is one theory which suggests that they may have been TRYING to be nice…

Remember how sulky Ron acted in the Deathly Hallows, when he was wearing the locket? Being in the presence of a horcrux for too long can affect your behaviour, right? Maybe that’s how it was for the Dursleys. They were forced to live with Harry, a horcrux, for 10 years, that MUST have made them go insane, even if Harry was an unintentionally made horcrux. Maybe that’s why they had to make him live in the cupboard under the stairs, to stop them going mad. Maybe that’s why they were so rude and spiteful to him – because him being a horcrux was messing with their minds!

And you know how Harry’s first Christmas gift was a 50 pence piece? And his second was a toothpick….and his third was a tissue…ringing any bells? What does a coin, toothpick and tissue remind you off? Yes! The Deathly Hallows sign! Perhaps the Dursleys were trying to warn Harry of his dramatic future, drop some clues, even though they were really useless clues. They may not be that bad…

I’ll still never forgive them. 

So those were my favourite fan theories, I hope you loved them just as much as I did! Drop a comment below and tell me what your favourite theories are, or maybe you could tell me your opinion on these theories. Do they work, or not?


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