City of Halves

City of Halves by Lucy Inglis

Lily is a coder. She’s trying to help her dad, a barrister, to solve a case, by hacking into some CCTV footage in the area the suspect is believed to be hiding out in. And then she sees the suspect, running into a gated area. Lily sprints towards the area, hoping she doesn’t miss him – and she is then attacked by a two headed dog and saved by a boy called Regan. Regan is the Guardian of the Gates. He protects London from the other half of the city, a half full of demons and violent creatures threatening to attack London any time.

If you liked The Mortal Instruments, you’ll definitely enjoy City of Halves. It’s a great book, very fast-paced, keeping you hooked on as you want to find out whether Lily and Regan will survive. It’s full of fantastical creatures, conspiracies, romance and shocking discoveries, and I really enjoyed it. Although I felt that the beginning was quite slow, it’s definitely worth it, as the book gets much better further in. I really loved it, and I strongly recommend it, especially for those who enjoy reading YA books.

– V


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