Baka to Test

  When I first watched it, I wasn’t too fond of the first episode, however later on I got really into the anime and now I desperately wish for more! It’s about a school in which each class is graded from A-F. Class A is luxurious, whereas the tables for Class F are small little tables that break easily. 

Yoshii Akihisa is doing the test which determines which class he’ll be put into. He ends up getting into Class F, with many of his friends, plus one of his crushes, Himeji Mizuki, who is very smart but was ill on the test day. They want to get to a higher class so they can get a better classroom, so they begin a war against Class E. To start a war, they use summoned beings to fight, and their strength depends on how well they did on their last test. They win, due to Mizuki’s smartness, but decide not to get Class E’s classroom (and the reason will be shown later on)
This anime is a rom-com, and the main romance trio consists of the idiot Akihisa, the yandere Mizuki, and another girl named Minami, who is a tsundere.The episodes are either about the class having wars against other classes, or them doing random other things at school or out of school. It’s a very interesting and funny anime, which is bound to put you into a good mood!

– L


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