Angel Beats


 Otonashi Yuzuru has just died and is in the afterlife, which takes place at a high school. He meets a girl called Yuri, and soon joins her in the SSS, an organisation in which they try and defeat a girl named Tenshi. The reason for them fighting her is due to the fact that she is an angel, and a follower of God, and the SSS are mad at God for giving them such awful lives and making them all die.

The SSS go on missions to try and defeat Tenshi, who is unbelievably strong. Other than that, the characters also try and fulfil their dreams, so that they can leave the afterlife and rest peacefully, or become reincarnated as proper people again. Otonashi ends up finding many secrets about Tenshi, and that she may not be who she seems.

This is a very enjoyable anime, as it has very exciting parts and intense parts, such as when they’re trying to defeat Tenshi, but it’s also very funny, and makes you laugh all the time. However, near the end of the anime, it becomes incredibly sad and you will end up in tears. It also has some romance in it too, and beautiful quotes. I highly recommend this hilarious, beautiful, interesting and sad anime. You’ll be wanting so many more episodes after you finish!

– L


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