Running Girl – Book Review

Running Girl by Simon Mason
He’s smart. He has the highest IQ at Marsh Academy, in fact. But he wastes it all on drugs and smoking.

Garvie Smith has an extremely high IQ, due to his photographic memory. His exams are coming up, but he’s a slacker. He bunks off school with his friends Smudge and Felix to hang around town smoking, which unfortunately for him, his mum has found out about. He’s bored of life, nothing interesting is happening. That is, until Chloe Dow’s body is pulled out of the lake and classified as murder.

Garvie’s whole life becomes a whirlwind for there on. He needs to find out who killed Chloe. But then again, so does DI Singh, the detective assigned to this case, who wants nothing to do with Garvie. If it were up to Singh, Garvie shouldn’t even know about any of details of Chloe’s death. However, Garvie’s memory and his amazing thought process gets him closer and closer to the murderer, infuriating Singh yet fascinating him.

Running Girl sees no end of plot twists and surprising turns, as this murder mystery novel is the book for fans of YA novels and Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. As suggested by the cover of the book, it really is like a maze. Garvie and Singh come closer and closer to a confirmed suspect and then suddenly it is a dead end. This book keeps you hooked on from the moment you’ve open the cover, and I strongly recommend it.



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